Air Conditioning VRF Systems

There are two basic types of VRF (or Variable Refrigeration Flow) systems, cooling and heating only systems or simultaneous heating and cooling systems.

VRF Cooling and Heating Only Systems

These systems at any time preform a single function – either cooling or heating (but not simultaneously). Consequently is a perfect solution for a large areas or many single rooms which require cooling and where an existing heat source such as central heating is in place. But if heating and cooling is an essential requirement of the system then a heat pump is easily added.

We supply and install a wide range of indoor units- floor standing or concealed ducted units. We also assist with architectural aesthetic demands by recommending the installation of an elegantly concealed system. As for units – the greatest demand we experience is for outdoor models with an interconnecting pipe-work in one main run. This simple method quickly minimises installation challenges thus reducing costs.



Simultaneous VRF Systems

This simultaneous system provides an effective solution for those who require heating and cooling at the same time. This may also incorporate a VRF boiler, which is a provider of instant and generous hot water. On commercial and industrial application the simultaneous system is an effective method of reducing energy costs, as excess building heat is efficiently directed into the system to generate low-cost hot water. These stand-alone boilers are available as air to water systems or ground to air systems and can be deployed to pump hot water to existing radiators or to underfloor heating systems.

For more information click on the following link: VRV Integrated Climate Control Brochure PDF