What can I do?

There are three main solutions to the phase-out issue. The appropriate solution will largely depend on the age and condition of your equipment, Please contact us to discuss these options in greater detail as a site survey will be required.

Solutions are :


  • Most efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Only requires changing of elastomeric seals
  • Oil kept and in some cases replaced
  • Minimal effect on operational continuity
  • To be considered for equipment in good condition


  • Adaptation of system to work with HFC-blends, legally permitted
  • Major parts of system are kept in some cases, in others they are changed
  • System must be flushed entirely, often with a special flushing fluid and refilled with synthetic oil and new refrigerant
  • To be considered for equipment in need of maintenance
  • Also relatively expensive and cumbersome and requires a number of days of downtime


Replace or upgrade equipment

  • To work with refrigerants, such as ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons and/or HFC gases
  • To be considered if equipment is very old and/or in bad condition
  • But, it is relatively expensive and cumbersome and involves a long downtime.