How will it affect me?

As the deadline for the ban nears, the risks of inaction rise. The main risk is a disturbance to your business stability.

However, costs will also significantly increase if a response to phase-out is further delayed. In the absolute worst case scenario, your business could face legal action for failure to comply with the legislation and may affect your insurance policies.

From January 2010 to January 2015, recycled R22 will be permitted. However, exclusive reliance on recycled R22 for the servicing needs of your installations is an exceptionally high-risk strategy as shortages will affect supply and in turn, cost.

Ultimately shortages in recycled R22 will undoubtedly leave many businesses without an operational heating and cooling system.

Whilst the phase-out of R22 progress, the Irish Refrigeration Institute predicts drastic shortages of recycled R22 gases as demand increases but supply is restricted.