R22 Phaseout & Replacement Service

r22-phaseout-replacement-serviceKelly RAC continue to offer the best R22 Replacment Service throughout Ireland. We deliver efficient, safe, and cost-effective solutions, enabling companies to replace or refit soon-to-be banned R22 systems.

Kelly RAC advise all of their customers to make an R22 phaseout plan and advise new customers to do the same. If your would like us to assist you in devloping a replacement strategy for you or your organisation, please call our R22 Replacement Consultants – tel 1850 804 140

We offer free nationwide site surveys – providing impartial advice and assistance for choosing the best solutions to meet your needs. Call us now, we could be in your area today.

Your THREE options are:


  • Most efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Only requires changing of elastomeric seals
  • Exisiting oil kept or in some cases replaced
  • Minimal impact to operational continuity


  • Adaptation of system to work with HFC-blends, legally permitted
  • Major parts of system can remain in some cases
  • System must be flushed entirely, often with a special fluid and then refilled with an approved synthetic oil and new refrigerant


  • Replace or upgrade equipment to work with refrigerants, such as ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons and/or HFC gases